Best Hair Growth Product

You have scoured the internet and you have no idea what is the best product to use to for hair growth. You ask yourself, Should you use prescription medication? An herbal blend? A topical cream? Do any of these products really promote hair growth?

The answer to your hair restoration needs can be simple or complex, depending on why you are losing hair in the first place and whether you want to rely on prescription medications or you are interested in alternative options.

The main reason for hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness. Men lose hair at rates far greater than women and any trip you take out in public will prove this. Women lose hair only after menopause (unless they suffer a traumatic injury or are under great stress) while men begin losing hair as early as in their twenties.

Hair loss is caused by the presence of DHT in the body. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a hormone produced by the combination of 5-alpha hydroxide and testosterone. When DHT levels are high, the hair follicles are not able to continue growing healthy, vibrant hair. Hair follicles are nourished by the blood supply in the scalp and DHT stops the blood flow from the hair follicles, causing hair follicles to die off.

Estrogen is a natural DHT inhibitor and is the reason that women do not lose hair prior to menopause. Once women hit menopause and estrogen levels decrease, some women may find that their hair begins to thin. Unlike men, who bald in a pattern, women tend to lose hair all over, slowly and steadily.

The best hair growth products available are those that prevent the production of DHT while at the same time not causing any side effects. Procerin is a natural, herbal product that is able to control the levels of DHT in the blood while at the same time producing little or no side effects.

We encourage you to continue your search for the best hair restoration product, but we believe that your best choice to begin your hair growth adventure is to use Procerin. Not all products work on everyone and Procerin may not be the right product for you. We know that we have many satisfied customers and most people who have tried our product continue to use Procerin with good results.

Since we believe that Procerin will work for you if you give it time (at least 2 months of steady use), we offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. You didn"t lose your hair overnight and so it won"t grow back immediately either. With no side effects and no financial risk, there is no reason to wait any longer. The more hair follicles you have left that are still functioning, the better chance any hair growth product has of working. The more time you take to make a decision, the less hair you will be able to grow in the future.

Men's Hair Loss Treatment

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