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Pulling the Trigger on a Hair Regrowth Product

I have been in the market to buy hair regrowth product for a while but it is hard for me to pull the trigger. I know that as soon as I decide to buy hair regrowth product, I need to stick with that product for six months to a year or more before I will have any idea whether or not the product has been working for me.

See, the average life cycle of a hair is approximately 3 years or so. Afterwards, the hair falls out naturally and – since the follicle is still in place – the hair starts to grow back in the same place. The growth is a very slow process, and not something that can be rushed.

So if I buy hair regrowth product, and I see a hair fall out, it can be six months or more before I know if the product is allowing the hair to grow back in, or if the hair is being blocked by Dihydrotestosterone, which is one of the primary causes for hair not coming back.

Not Waiting

While people can still sometimes see results when they buy hair regrowth product and start using it for a short time, no one can guarantee that that little small sample is enough to show that it is working. Therefore, when you buy hair regrowth product, you are making a substantial commitment to that product and that product"s success.

That is hard to do. Ignoring for a moment that most men hate commitment anyway, we are talking about dedicated yourself to a product for an entire year of your life before you even know if it is working. That is like marrying someone you have never met and giving it a full year to find out if it is going to work out. That is a tremendous time commitment.

So to buy hair regrowth product, I need to know it is going to be something that is not a waste of my time, since the longer I wait before I treat my hair, the more hairs are going to fall out permanently and never grow back. In a sense, I"m at a crossroads. I need to buy hair regrowth product right now, but doing so means that I need to stick with it for such a long time that if it doesn"t work out I have wasted a year of my life losing more hair than I needed to.

At least there are products like Procerin that make the process easier, since these are all natural and have a good record of success.

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