Herbal Hair Regrowth Product

The condition of your hair and scalp can be a direct indication of how well you take care of your body. When you have a healthy body, exercise often and eat well, you tend to have a healthy head of hair. Hair loss can happen when your scalp has been damaged by either stress or mistreatment.

The need for a hair regrowth product is determined when it is clear that lifestyle changes are not enough. Male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is not affected by lifestyle changes and can only be stopped by products that control the production of the hormone DHT in the body.

Women do not have the need for hair restoration until they hit menopause, and even then most women only have slight thinning to their hair. This is due to the fact that estrogen acts as a natural DHT inhibitor. Prior to menopause, women have a sufficient amount of estrogen in their systems to prevent hair loss.

An herbal hair regrowth formula, Procerin, is a formula that stops the production of DHT in the body. The herbal combination used includes saw palmetto berries, gotu kola and nettles. As with most herbal remedies, Procerin does not have harsh side effects and can be as effective as prescription medications for promoting hair restoration.

Other herbal ingredients found in Procerin include pumpkin seed meal, eleuthero root and muira puma root. All three of these ingredients promote healthy hair follicle restoration and are used in the herbal hair regrowth formula because they are safe and effective at promoting hair regrowth.

Natural, alternative hair restoration formulas have gained acceptance in the world as effective treatments for hair loss and we are learning that it is not always best to take prescription medications that we know very little about. By using an herbal formula, you take away the risks involved when little is know about a new pharmaceutical. Although FDA approved, it has been proven time and time again that long term effects of any new pharmaceutical can be damaging.

The knowledge we have of the herbs found in the Procerin formula makes the risks involved with trying an herbal hair regrowth formula small. Before you take a prescription medication, whose long term effects are not known, consider a more safe alternative. Herbal formulas in general do not cause serious side effects.

It is also important to remember that hair restoration does not happen overnight. It took years for you to notice that your hair was thinning, and it will take months for your hair to begin to restore. Do not stare in the mirror every day looking for changes. Take a picture, put it away, and then check your progress at least 2 months after starting any herbal product for hair restoration.

Always check with your physician if you are nervous about trying a new formula, especially if you are taking other medications for more serious problems than hair loss. It is very likely that your doctor will tell you that the herbal formula of Procerin is a safer, and just as effective treatment for hair restoration as its prescription counterparts.

Men's Hair Loss Treatment

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