Natural Hair Growth Product

You"re sitting down with your kids, looking at an old family album. Your child looks at pictures of you from 10 years before and asks, “Daddy, who’s that?". The man in the picture has a full head of hair and well, you don"t. Before resigning yourself to a future of baseball hats and bald jokes, you can take steps to restore your hair to a point when it was fuller and healthier.

Having a head that is full of natural, healthy hair is the desire of most people. Our hair defines who we are and can be an indication of a person"s age or gender. Looking back at pictures, we can sometimes determine how long ago they were taken, depending on the hairstyles we were wearing at the time. Hair is important to us and you do not have to take hair loss lying down.

Primarily, hair loss is caused by the hormone DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, which is abundant in the male body. Hair follicles are not able to survive when the levels of DHT in the body are high. The primary goal of any natural or prescription hair growth product is to halt the production of DHT without causing any unnecessary side effects.

Natural hair growth starts with a healthy body. If you exercise regularly and eat a well balanced diet, your hair restoration efforts will only be that more effective. If you suffer from male pattern baldness, only a product that inhibits DHT production will prevent further hair loss, but a good diet will help you feel and look better overall.

Procerin is one of the best natural, herbal products available that is able to lower the levels of DHT in the blood. The formula contains saw palmetto berries which are the best herbs around to fight DHT production and stem hair loss. With nettles and gotu kola added to the formula, the ability to fight DHT production is strengthened.

It is important that with any hair restoration program, that you follow the dosage recommendations of the product and do not give up after only a short time. Hair restoration and hair growth takes time. You will not grow hair in a week. Hair growth takes at least 2 months, more if your hair follicles need extra time to recuperate. Hair only grows at the rate of ½ inch a month and results will not be immediate. Allow your hair the time it needs to grow and you will be rewarded for your patience.

Hair growth products work best when there are many fine hairs still growing on the head. This means that the hair follicles are still working, even if they are producing low quality, weak hair. Hair restoration products are not able to grow hair from follicles that have stopped producing altogether. Procerin is one of the best products to restore hair when hair loss is caught early. The quicker you start using a product such as Procerin, the more likely your hair will be restored to its previous state of natural fullness.

Men's Hair Loss Treatment

Procerin Combo Pack
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Women's Hair Loss Treatment

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  • Made Specifically for Women